Viking Lodge

Our Founders


The founders of Viking Lodge No. 5014 pictured in 1928.
The Worshipful Master, W Bro Frank Benjamin Lewis, is pictured front row in the centre.

‘To the thoughts and inspirations of brethren in Hastings and St Leonards who in the endeavour to add dignity and strength to Freemasonry in general by affording to its candidates the principles of total abstinence at Lodge banquets and suppers we are indebted for the foundation of this Lodge.’

With these bold words Viking Lodge was founded on May 19, 1928.What it actually meant was that Viking was formed as a Temperance Lodge. No alcohol was permitted at Lodge banquets and suppers (now called Festive Boards) which were, and still are, held after meetings.

Viking remained a Temperance Lodge until 2005 when members voted to allow alcohol at its Festive Boards.

The Lodge meets from October to April on the second Wednesday of each month at the Masonic Hall (behind the Royal Victoria Hotel) in St Leonards. Rehearsal evenings, to prepare for ceremonies, are held every Tuesday evening. Various social family events are also held each year.

One question always asked is why the name Viking? After all the name does conjure up ‘bouts of drinking’ and other ‘excesses’. Well, one explanation is that as far as our founders were concerned a Viking was a brave person setting out on a journey.

That journey has now gone on for many decades- and no doubt will be continuing for many more.

Masonry has changed a lot since that first meeting in May 1928 but one thing has remained constant- the values that masonry stands by. Four words which masons throughout the world commit to- brotherly love (Friendship); relief (Charity) and truth (Honestly).

If all this appeals to you and you would like to be part of our Viking journey then contact us. You will find details on the website.